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Hourly Rate Template

Hourly Rate Template


This google file is simple, clear and helpful when you are not sure how to price your services as a business owner. You could be missing out on tons of money if you aren't pricing your self correctly.  This calculator gives you the minimum rate you need to charge to achieve your goals and pay your expenses. With knowing your hourly rate will making it much easier when charging for your time.

  • Refund Policy

    Since your purchase is a digital product, it is deemed “used” after download or opening, and all purchases made on are non-refundable or exchangeable. Since the products made available here are intangible, there is a strict no refund policy. 

  • Delivery Details

    This is a google drive link you will recieve in order to acess the file. You must request acess to the file using the email you paid with to gain acess to the file.  The digital download is only avaliable for 30 days. Sharing this file with outside unsers is prohibited and can ban you from future FRSH, LLC digital downloads.

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